Friday, July 03, 2009

Argentina in review

Thank you to the many who prayed and to the few who gave money. God remained faithful (surprise, surprise!) and I feel both blessed and privileged to have experienced this trip. I enjoyed sharing so much of it with you through photos and I hope also to live the rest of life with this broader cultural understanding and a persistent desire to serve beyond these borders.

===Prayers answered===
~safety in travels (planes, buses, taxis, and back roads)
~hospitality in Colombia (completely unexpected and overwhelmingly good)
~financial provision (and now a fantastic summer job!)
~health (so many times I should have gotten sick and didn't)

===Things learned===
~Found a balance between experiencing and documenting (This was my first trip where I communicated enough with those who were supporting me in prayer.)
~Abiding in Christ is desirable but difficult. Definitely worthwhile. Still figuring out how.
~God is faithful and prayer works (softened our hearts to see and serve, favor with city officials, construction supplies provided on time)
~God is both sovereign and loving (Who knew that a free will vs. predestination conversation could be so life-giving?)

I've also learned a lot by watching Will and Jessica's leadership during this trip and I'm looking forward to trying it out as I taking a group of my friends to an orphanage in Baja California this August.

===Possible futures===
~Returning to Colombia to deliver a bus (hopefully soon!)
~Expansion of GTAB to new international education projects
~Use documentary video for non-profits or missionaries (primarily communications/fundraising)
~Use fiction video for education in developing countries
~Lead missions team to a church plant in Argentina
~Help Guille start an orphanage in Zimbabwe
~Photo journalism trek through Rwanda, Uganda, & Sudan

[The Argentina team with Gina Fernandez]