Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Coming home

Today is my last day here.
Tomorrow I leave for Bellingham.

Prayers for tomorrow:
~safe travels
~fruitful reflection (I'll have lots of airport time)

Starting Strong:
~Establishing healthy rhythms at home
~Guarding margins of time

In the next 2 weeks:
~3 days with family before moving out
~editing GTAB documentary (diligence, clarity of communication)
~resuming internship at church (investing in community)
~starting work for Nathaniel (house painting)
~summer school starts a week from Tuesday

Lavalle desert

If you saw the hard sand flats of Lavalle, where every shrub bristles with thorns long enough to pass all the way through a foot, you might get the impression that Lavalle is an inhospitable place.

But the desert has a beauty unlike any other. It's beauty is not found in variety but in simplicity... and sky... and solitude.


We arrived Wednesday afternoon and walked over to the school to scout out the project. We got an early start the next day but by four-o-clock the sand and gravel that we had ordered for delivery still hadn't arrived. This is the cool part: The team turned to prayer and less than ten minutes later the truck pulled in, unloaded, and we started to mix the first batch of concrete.

Supplies arrive
[Supplies arrive]

Working it
[Working it]

We finished the patio the next day and on saturday had just enough leftover materials to lay a floor in the YWAM house that we had been using (it had a dirt floor before.)

Pouring the second floor
[Pouring the second floor]

Before leaving we hosted an evening church service and invited the neighbors to celebrate what God has been doing in Lavalle. Two years ago, this school had one room with bare bricks and a dirt floor. After YWAM (Youth With A Mission) started helping them improve their building the government joined in to help and now the school has a tile floor, a second room, a covered play area (now paved), and as we were leaving there was a team installing a toilet and sink (the only ones I saw all week.)

After the evening service
[After the evening service]

So thank God for answered prayers, safety, jobs finished, and for experiencing a whole new kind of beauty.

Kids from the school
[Kids from the school]


Graceful sunset
[Graceful sunset]


Quiet time
[Quiet Time]

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lavalle Update

There's a few photos from me on the team's blog.

More to come tomorrow.