Saturday, April 11, 2009

South of the border... way south.

I've bought plane tickets and am now shoveling the piles of details required for a trip to Colombia and Argentina next month. Suffice to say I'm really excited.

It's really two trips in one:
I'll spend the first week in Colombia (May 12-19) for Give Them a Bus. The goal is to get all the way up to Cachira to see the school, meet the staff and students, and collect photos and interviews so I can communicate the need and effectiveness of our project more clearly.

I also plan to meet Matt Alexander in Bogota... he's the president of Fusion International (our implementing partners.)

Then I'll be three weeks in Argentina (May 19-June 11) with my good friend Will Hughes and a mission team from Pullman. It'll be new adventures in old places for me as I lived in Mendoza for a month with YWAM (3 years ago, now.)

We'll be working with local missionaries Steve and Gina Fernandez to serve the many kids in a poor barrio there. We expect to help with the soup kitchen, construction projects, the YWAM sports ministry, and street evangelism.

(Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing how God will move... a lot of this trip is a stone's throw outside my comfort zone.)

If you want to partner with me in prayer, please tell me so that I can keep you in the loop. If you want to help finance the Argentina trip I'll love you forever.

Either way, send me a note at...
throughwaters [at] gmail [dot] com