Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lettered Streets Covenant Church

I mentioned before that there are two good reasons for me to be in Bellingham this spring, the first was that I'm transferring to do film school but I didn't tell you the other one yet.

The second good reason for me to be in Bellingham is that I'm now a committed part of the launch team for a church plant, there. And, much to my pleasure, I have the honor of being the primary worship planner and leader. The most awesomest thing about the people involved in this new church is that we share a passion for serving the Lettered Streets neighborhood where we'll be meeting.

I've been getting more and more excited for my new role with this church as I've talked with the pastor (my friend, Chris Eltrich.) The ideas have started flowing for how we can be creative with our worship space and how to nurture a language of worship among us that is both rich and diverse in it's expression of love.

My plan (if the Lord wills it) is to live in Pullman until mid-March so that I can continue to invest in my community there and then move to Bellingham in time to prepare for the start of university and the official launch of the church plant.

I'm stoked.

[Walking with the fam]