Monday, November 17, 2008

Challenger recap

Hey! What are these pictures of? Did I climb that mountain? Why didn't I post any photos? Too many questions. Let's look at pretty things!

[At the trail head]

[Day 3, Baker and Shuksan in the background]

[Icy puddle]

[The infamous Bob Sampson]

[Sun, snow, and Steve Mason]

[Now that's ice cold drinking water]

[The avalanche lily may be my new favorite flower]

[Sit and stay for a while...]

[The summit]

Big changes

I was just reading my own blog (is that okay?) and realized that a recent post has outdated news. I have decided to change majors after all.

I know that I can do engineering, but during Round 2 of assessing life, I started thinking about the things I love to do (music, photography, recording, visual design) and realized that all of these collide in video production.

After a lot of research I've settled on a program in the ol' hometown of Bellingham through a partnership of Western and Northwest Film School. It's a one-year certificate program and I hope to finish a bachelors degree simultaneously.

And there's one other very good reason to be in Bellingham, but I'll share that one after it's confirmed in two weeks!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I made my new submissions to LandEscapes today. It's the literary arts journal here at Washington State University.

[Norwegian Trio] (click for a closer view)

[Golden Hour]

[Tilflukstrom (bomb shelter)]


[New Hat]

[Nap Time]