Saturday, June 14, 2008

Brian's coming home!

I've been in Norway this past week and it's been non-stop action since I arrived. My friend Karl from YWAM met me at the train station on Monday and had a whole pile of ideas for what we could do this week. I think we accomplished most of them (photographs to come) and now I'm back in one of London's airports, waiting for my flight home tomorrow morning.

Will also left Romania last week, but he's still with the Halvarson's on his way through Serbia to Athens. They were catching a plane in Athens to start their tour of the holy lands. He should have three more weeks of travelling and then one week back in Romania before he comes home.

I'm really ready to be home.

Friday, June 06, 2008

More photos

Here's another batch of photos from the sports tournament and churches last weekend!

[Valerica and the snake he found at the sports tournament]

[Will with our Maciova boys before the games began]

[The volleyball briefing]

[Edie speaking to the church in Dimoşna]

[On our way to Sadova Nou]

[Arnie preaching in Sadova Nou, translated by Little John. The florals on the wall are masking cracks. The cracks are there because half of the building is slipping down the hill.]

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back from Maciova

We're back at the Halvarson's again for the last time. After another few days in Maciova it's wonderful to get to shower again. As we expected, most of our time was spent building the new rooms onto Marius and Adriana's house but we definitely had some time for futbol, drum lessons, a swim in the river, jamming with the neighbors, and some general tomfoolery.

On Saturday Will and I part ways as I head for Norway and he goes through the holy lands with the Halvarsons. I'll be spending next week with my viking buddy, Karl, before flying back to the U. S. of A.

[The sand is delivered from the river for hand-mixing concrete]

[Tearing out a hundred year old wall so we can move the door]

[Cosmine and Patrişor goofing off]

[Bugs and Patrişor]

[The bottom half begins]

[Pumice bricks and concrete posts. Oof.]

[The guy in the middle is from Italy. He came to Maciova to do business with one guy in town and is going back a more inspired man.]

And this little video may or may not have anything to do with what we ate for lunch:

Inflatable Rabbit from throughwaters on Vimeo.