Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lettered Streets Covenant Church

I mentioned before that there are two good reasons for me to be in Bellingham this spring, the first was that I'm transferring to do film school but I didn't tell you the other one yet.

The second good reason for me to be in Bellingham is that I'm now a committed part of the launch team for a church plant, there. And, much to my pleasure, I have the honor of being the primary worship planner and leader. The most awesomest thing about the people involved in this new church is that we share a passion for serving the Lettered Streets neighborhood where we'll be meeting.

I've been getting more and more excited for my new role with this church as I've talked with the pastor (my friend, Chris Eltrich.) The ideas have started flowing for how we can be creative with our worship space and how to nurture a language of worship among us that is both rich and diverse in it's expression of love.

My plan (if the Lord wills it) is to live in Pullman until mid-March so that I can continue to invest in my community there and then move to Bellingham in time to prepare for the start of university and the official launch of the church plant.

I'm stoked.

[Walking with the fam]

Monday, November 17, 2008

Challenger recap

Hey! What are these pictures of? Did I climb that mountain? Why didn't I post any photos? Too many questions. Let's look at pretty things!

[At the trail head]

[Day 3, Baker and Shuksan in the background]

[Icy puddle]

[The infamous Bob Sampson]

[Sun, snow, and Steve Mason]

[Now that's ice cold drinking water]

[The avalanche lily may be my new favorite flower]

[Sit and stay for a while...]

[The summit]

Big changes

I was just reading my own blog (is that okay?) and realized that a recent post has outdated news. I have decided to change majors after all.

I know that I can do engineering, but during Round 2 of assessing life, I started thinking about the things I love to do (music, photography, recording, visual design) and realized that all of these collide in video production.

After a lot of research I've settled on a program in the ol' hometown of Bellingham through a partnership of Western and Northwest Film School. It's a one-year certificate program and I hope to finish a bachelors degree simultaneously.

And there's one other very good reason to be in Bellingham, but I'll share that one after it's confirmed in two weeks!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I made my new submissions to LandEscapes today. It's the literary arts journal here at Washington State University.

[Norwegian Trio] (click for a closer view)

[Golden Hour]

[Tilflukstrom (bomb shelter)]


[New Hat]

[Nap Time]


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

XA Announcements Video

No word from the League, yet. But we're still hopeful even after seeing some of the other applications.

Yesterday was a busy day in Pullman as it was my small group's responsibility to present the announcements for our larger weekly meeting. The vote was cast and the decision made: I got to do it however I wanted.

So this is how we presented the announcements last night:

XA Announcements from throughwaters on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Evil League of Evil

Here's the deal:
There's this video blog that doubles as a super-villain musical called "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." In three short episodes Dr. Horrible applies for the Evil League of Evil and I won't spoil the ending for you, but suffice to say that this month the ELE began accepting new applications for membership and the men of my house decided to apply.

So, without further ado, our 3 minute ELE Application video:

In other news:
School is hard, I decided not to switch majors, our band is awesome (and you should come to our concert on Friday, Oct 24), Give Them A Bus is moving forward ($10,000 pledged now), and I still get invited to do photo shoots for my friends. Good stuff.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home safe and heading out again

Woah... so I definitely got home and had daily life usurp updating this nice blog.

Since I last posted:
~Norway was spectacular.
~I've started working again in Pullman. Mostly painting interiors.
~Alana left for Poland (I haven't mentioned her here before, have I?)
~Pete and Sarah (two of my good friends) got married in Bellingham.
~I've been reinstated back into my university (longish story, happy ending)

And now, I'm packing both an ice axe and a nice suit for my trip this week as I'm driving over to Bellingham to climb a mountain and then be the bestest man in my brother's wedding.

My buddy Andrew found this little chunk of info about Mt. Challenger (our destination):
Mount Challenger stands as the northern anchor of the Picket Range of Washington State. This area is the most rugged and remote mountain wilderness in the lower 48 states (somewhat arguable, but not very) deep in the northern section of North Cascades National Park. Challenger and the majority of the Picketts are not visible from any road and no trails offer particularly good views of the area. The climate is quite atrocious, probably the worst in all the Cascades. The valleys surrounding the Pickets are filled with wild and all but impenetrable temperate rainforest choked with brush and blowdown. The terrain is steep and cliffy from valley bottom to peak and the whole area is riddled with wildly disrupted glaciers calving off seracs to the valleys far below. There are no walk up routes in the Pickets. Here one must deal with the peaks on their own terms, over days of real hardship. All of this conspires to make climbing in the Pickets a unique, incredible, but challenging experience at best, and a full on epic at worst. The vibe here is very different than anywhere else in the Cascades. There are fewer climber's trails, more and rougher gound to cover, and less people.

Because of the remoteness, bad weather, and overall ruggedness, people are comparatively few here, although the area has become somewhat legendary and thus, everyone at least wants to go there. Few actually make it to the peaks though.

If all that sounds dark and gloomy, sorry, it's all true, but it's also true that a perfectly clear summit day anywhere in the Pickets, after the challenges of the approach have passed is pretty much climbing Nirvana for all the same reasons that make this place so challenging.
Count me in!
(It's got to be easier than marriage, right?)

Here's a few of those promised Norway photos:

[Taking the elevator up to a revolving pizza restaurant]

[The view from a WWII bunker over Trondheim]


[Beautiful sunshine!] (photo from Karl)

[Who's photographing whom (or what?)]

[Checking out the thrift shops] (photo from Karl)

[We found a bomb shelter and decided to explore!]

[Karl took some HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos]

[Photographing photographers again]

[Awesome old breifcase]

[Climbing out]

[Seeing me off: Lillian, Magne, Karl, and Janne]

[Sunset at 11:30pm from the train]

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Brian's coming home!

I've been in Norway this past week and it's been non-stop action since I arrived. My friend Karl from YWAM met me at the train station on Monday and had a whole pile of ideas for what we could do this week. I think we accomplished most of them (photographs to come) and now I'm back in one of London's airports, waiting for my flight home tomorrow morning.

Will also left Romania last week, but he's still with the Halvarson's on his way through Serbia to Athens. They were catching a plane in Athens to start their tour of the holy lands. He should have three more weeks of travelling and then one week back in Romania before he comes home.

I'm really ready to be home.

Friday, June 06, 2008

More photos

Here's another batch of photos from the sports tournament and churches last weekend!

[Valerica and the snake he found at the sports tournament]

[Will with our Maciova boys before the games began]

[The volleyball briefing]

[Edie speaking to the church in Dimoşna]

[On our way to Sadova Nou]

[Arnie preaching in Sadova Nou, translated by Little John. The florals on the wall are masking cracks. The cracks are there because half of the building is slipping down the hill.]

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back from Maciova

We're back at the Halvarson's again for the last time. After another few days in Maciova it's wonderful to get to shower again. As we expected, most of our time was spent building the new rooms onto Marius and Adriana's house but we definitely had some time for futbol, drum lessons, a swim in the river, jamming with the neighbors, and some general tomfoolery.

On Saturday Will and I part ways as I head for Norway and he goes through the holy lands with the Halvarsons. I'll be spending next week with my viking buddy, Karl, before flying back to the U. S. of A.

[The sand is delivered from the river for hand-mixing concrete]

[Tearing out a hundred year old wall so we can move the door]

[Cosmine and Patrişor goofing off]

[Bugs and Patrişor]

[The bottom half begins]

[Pumice bricks and concrete posts. Oof.]

[The guy in the middle is from Italy. He came to Maciova to do business with one guy in town and is going back a more inspired man.]

And this little video may or may not have anything to do with what we ate for lunch:

Inflatable Rabbit from throughwaters on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rast Recap

As I mentioned before, our time in Rast was excellent. We got there via a five hour drive south through Romania and Rast is just about as far south and west as you can get. On the way we followed the Danube, and across the river we saw both Serbia, and Bulgaria.

New Rast (in all of it's horizontal splendor) is an interesting place...
Two years ago, Old Rast was flooded out by about three feet of standing water that didn't go away for three long weeks. After this, the government helped the people build a new town 3km away and they called it New Rast. So nothing in this town is older than two years.

Sunday's baptisms were a real treat. Eight new believers in this small community decided to make this outward declaration of what has happened to their insides. Two nearby churches cancelled their services so that more people could be there for these first baptisms ever in New Rast.

We stuck around for four days after the baptisms to do some more work on the new children's ministry building (see the video below!) and we were able to get quite a bit done... We finished the wood on the roof, wrapped the roof with Tyvek, and then nailed on the supports for the metal roofing that will come later. Talk about suntans... it was pretty stinkin' hot.

We came back to the Halvarsons for one day to shower and rest a little before today's sports tournament.

Speaking of which...
Today (Saturday) we spent all day playing soccer and volleyball up at the conference and retreat center that is run by this minisrty. It was a big sports tournament to raise money for the sports ministry that is sending a team to Albania this year. Teams came from as much as two hours away and it was a lot of fun. Our hodge-podge team of Americans and a few others made it into the semi-finals in volleyball but got trounced by the team in first place from Timişoara. Boo. And now Will has gone to bed (as illustrated here) and it's time for me to sleep too.

Tomorrow we go to two church services in two different towns (Dimaşna and Sadova Nou) and then it sounds like we'll spend most of our last week here back in Maciova! We'll get to help Pastor Marius to add another room onto his two room house so that they're not so cramped when the new baby arrives and I'm sure we'll be spending more time with the kids. Our Maciova guys were at the tournament today and they'll be thrilled to hear we're coming back for a couple days.

All righty... G'night!

A Little Rain from throughwaters on Vimeo.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Here's a quick update we filmed in Rast. More news to come later.

Update from Rast from throughwaters on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Machiova Photos

The internet went *kaput* just before we left for Rast, so I wasn't able to post these photos from before. Now we're back from Rast and have a day to rest a little tomorrow before a big sports tournament on Saturday that we'll help host.

So tomorrow you'll hear how good Rast was, but tonight you get our photos from last week in the gypsy colony of Maciova.

[Will and Cosmin tearing it up]

[The little guys stuck with the bongos while the older ones begged for lessons on the drum kit. I was able to oblige with what I knew.]

[Will directing the local brass band rehearsal]

[Maciova by night in all of its one-street and fifty houses glory]

[Rediculocute on the steps of the church]

[Transcribing and then transposing a gypsy song for Pastor Marius' brass band]

[The kids playing in from of the church]

[Pastor Marius and his son Andrei on our way to the little store for ice cream]

[Will sharing his testimony and preaching on Colossians 3 for the Wednesday evening church service]

[Cherries were a big part of our time in Maciova. They grow everywhere and are delicious indeed.]

[I found some flowers on the ground...]

[...because they fell from this bush!]