Friday, June 08, 2007

Mount Baker

I had the opportunity this last weekend to climb the mountain near my home in Bellingham. We had gorgeous weather and made it all the way up and back down safely. We did, however, use our crevasse rescue training to help a rope team that was following behind us. While attempting to jump a crevasse two feet wide, their lead climber Cheryl fell about 30 ft down and we helped get her back out. Miraculously, she wasn't badly injured and their team got down the mountain safely.

[Led by Bob Sampson and Jon Ivie]

[Sunset from base camp]

[Kevin Gowan]

[Oh yes.]

[Asher Springs]

[Mt. Baker summit - 10,780 ft]

[Cheryl's view -- looking up at what used to be her two footprints.]