Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jars of Clay

The last friday in February, another housemate Nate (Zack's brother) drove a small group of us down to see Jars of Clay in Walla Walla (called "Walla2" on our tickets.) Burlap to Cashmere was one of the two opening bands and it was neat to see a little of how they can guitar solo so wicked fast.

[Walla Walla's Dietrich Dome and the start of a long line to get in]

[Jars of Clay]

[Phil and I are becoming good friends. (Taken with an rolled index card encircling the camera's flash.)]

[I met Kevin Gowan for the first time this last summer and when school started in January we discovered that we're in two classes together.]
My friend and housemate, Zack, asked me if we could go on a photo walk together one Sunday afternoon. These are a few of the better ones:

[Tattered notices]

[Z, working the angles]

[I really like this texture]

[Fun colors of light and patterned foreground]

[Urban/organic texture]

[We've gotten our fair share of this white stuff in the past weeks]

[Z, evaluating his last shots]

[Broken but functional]

Playing catchup

Here's a batch of photos from a few weeks ago when I visited home for a weekend.

[After attending Mars Hill church for the first time]

[Sunday breakfast in Seattle]

[Good ol' Barnaby]