Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Audiobook Podcast

Another Audiobook is in the works with my sister Elizabeth!

Last year we recorded The Giver by Lois Lowry and this year we decided to record Gathering Blue by the same author. Check it out via the links below or in the sidebar.

Gathering Blue

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Editor's Choice

Washington State University has a literary arts journal.

I didn't know this until I saw a poster three months ago. It said I could submit my photographs and that they might publish them so I thought I'd give it a try. And sure enough they liked one. They liked it enough to both publish it and to give it an award!

I got my copy of the journal yesterday and it's pretty neat to see my photo there on page three opposite the Table of Contents.

[Baker Summit]

To top it off, when I talked with Claire, the editor of the journal, she said that she has "absolutely fallen in love with" a photo of Sophie in my second batch of submissions. I'm hoping they'll find a place for it in the Spring edition.


Wide Eyed Wonder

Two months ago, now, a fledgling band of four musicians played together for the first time in public. The group was temporarily called "US", the venue was an open mic, and the music was very acoustic.

After these two months of refinement we've changed our name to "Wide Eyed Wonder" and we're hoping to record a demo in early January.

Chris Akers - Lead vocal, Rhythm guitar
Derek Nevins - Bass
Tiffany Stephens - Drums, percussion
and myself - Lead guitar, background vocal

The first three tracks here are our debut performance:

(Tacks 4, 5, and 15 are me going solo.)

And here's some of the first art inspired by the name:

[Created by my housemate Jeff Storvick]

Rent Comes Round

Facebook has robbed this blog of my attention and it's time to take a stand for blogging. Today I counted four separate things that are each very "notable" so, now that my final exams are finished for the semester, here comes a whole pile of fun news...

To start, I've been producing/directing/filming a music video these past three weeks with my friend Amy and tonight we finished it.

Rent Comes Round from throughwaters on Vimeo.

5 hrs planning
11 hrs filming
18 hrs editing
...and worth every second.

We had fun with the credits:
April Moore and Josh Hughes

Kevin Fitts

Kevin Fitts
Kevin Gowan
Sean Parsons
Haydn Roberts


Brian Russell & Amy Woodcock

Amy Woodcock

Assistant Directors
Brian Russell
Josh Hughes

Amy Woodcock
Brian Russell

Brian Russell

Lead Camera
Brian Russell

Assistant Camera
Amy Woodcock
Josh Hughes

Lead Grip
Brian Russell

April Moore
Sean Parsons

Assistant Choreographer
Sarah Jacobs

Amy Woodcock
April Moore
Josh Hughes
Brian Russell
Kevin Fitts
Sean Parsons
Haydn Roberts
Will Hughes

Josh Hughes
April Moore
Amy Woodcock
Sarah Jacobs

Set Photographer
Brian Russell

Special thanks
Asher Springs for access to Duncan Dunn
Honors Hall for after hours grace

Friday, June 08, 2007

Mount Baker

I had the opportunity this last weekend to climb the mountain near my home in Bellingham. We had gorgeous weather and made it all the way up and back down safely. We did, however, use our crevasse rescue training to help a rope team that was following behind us. While attempting to jump a crevasse two feet wide, their lead climber Cheryl fell about 30 ft down and we helped get her back out. Miraculously, she wasn't badly injured and their team got down the mountain safely.

[Led by Bob Sampson and Jon Ivie]

[Sunset from base camp]

[Kevin Gowan]

[Oh yes.]

[Asher Springs]

[Mt. Baker summit - 10,780 ft]

[Cheryl's view -- looking up at what used to be her two footprints.]

Saturday, April 28, 2007

UCB house photo project

Each year the UCB house where I live takes a photo to display for future members to see who came before them.

I put a little (read: lot) more time into this than was necessary, but I really enjoyed it as it stretched my abilities in photography, editing, assembling, and project management. It has been printed at an epic 5 feet long and 6.5 inches tall and will soon be mounted with pride on our living room wall.

Here's the final product (click to view it larger):

And a few of my favorite individual shots:





[Phil] (an alternate shot not used in the final print)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jars of Clay

The last friday in February, another housemate Nate (Zack's brother) drove a small group of us down to see Jars of Clay in Walla Walla (called "Walla2" on our tickets.) Burlap to Cashmere was one of the two opening bands and it was neat to see a little of how they can guitar solo so wicked fast.

[Walla Walla's Dietrich Dome and the start of a long line to get in]

[Jars of Clay]

[Phil and I are becoming good friends. (Taken with an rolled index card encircling the camera's flash.)]

[I met Kevin Gowan for the first time this last summer and when school started in January we discovered that we're in two classes together.]
My friend and housemate, Zack, asked me if we could go on a photo walk together one Sunday afternoon. These are a few of the better ones:

[Tattered notices]

[Z, working the angles]

[I really like this texture]

[Fun colors of light and patterned foreground]

[Urban/organic texture]

[We've gotten our fair share of this white stuff in the past weeks]

[Z, evaluating his last shots]

[Broken but functional]

Playing catchup

Here's a batch of photos from a few weeks ago when I visited home for a weekend.

[After attending Mars Hill church for the first time]

[Sunday breakfast in Seattle]

[Good ol' Barnaby]

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fire and Ice

Here's a selection of photos from the last 3 weeks. More to follow.

[A glass bottle in the campfire/inferno we had on our house trip]

[More of the brimstone]

[A much more cozy campfire on the Chi Alpha retreat (called CCF in Bellingham)]

[Tiny pine cones streaked with strands of ice on my way home from class]

[Footprints are fun]

Thursday, January 11, 2007

So, I mosied on over to Idaho yesterday and bought this here computer. The Bill Chipman trail from campus into Moscow really is as nice as people say.

[On the Bill Chipman trail yesterday evening]

[My desk with its happy new occupant.]

In other news. Two classes are easy, two classes are hard, and the fifth class should be easy but the prof's lack of real teaching is going to make it a stretch (even if I did remember integrals.)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Starting @ WSU

I'm at school, but have no computer for now so these posts will be sparse for a while.

Happy news: I got a camera for Christmas! And all y'all'll reap the benefits. (That's right, all y'all'll.)

[Spinning in my room]

[Photo fun on the camera's first day]

[A going-away party last Wednesday]

[Driving to school with my mum]

[That's the one.]