Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chicago buildings

Chicago's architecture really impressed me. Tall buildings, ornate pillars, and crazy art all have their place here.

[I've never seen so many tall ones in so small a space.]

[The skyline as seen from the Adler Planetarium at dusk]

["The bean" ...rumored to be a $400 million project]

Monday, November 20, 2006

Off to Chicago!

The time has come, and I'm writing this post from this strange new land called Chicago, Illinois.

[Somewhere over the Midwest]

Travel went smoothly enough and even though I've never been here before, it feels like coming home because of all my friends here from CBC. They know me well and they've welcome me as if we were back on that campus in Colorado.

I'm staying tonight with Sean Welander and Ryan Starr (from CBC) and --completely out of the blue-- who else might live in this house but Kjel Larsen! I met Kjel in Mexico back in 6th grade when my family moved south of the border on a short-term, one year mission and his family lived down there long term as career missionaries. I hadn't seen him since then (9 years ago) and after I heard that he lived here, but hadn't yet seen him I gave him something of a shock when I walked in the front door like I belonged in his house!

This is going to be one great time.

Lights out

The wind storm wreaked havoc on Bellingham's power grid but it made for a nice quiet evening at home.

Satisfying work

I finally finished up my work for the Mullett family and boy did it go well.

[Piles of bagged-up yard debris]

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sweet anticipation

Well, I've been going about running my own business for two weeks now and I dare say it's been going pretty well. And if all goes according to plan then I have work lined up for five of the next seven weeks. This raises the question of what to do with the two remaining weeks... find more work?

...or visit my friends in Chicago!
I bought my ticket today for a visit that will last a week and a half and will hold Thanksgiving as its centerpiece. I'm just a little excited. (read: "a lot excited.")

My work today broke the trend of outdoor manual labor and I started organizing the pile of stuff to be sold on eBay. Dad has the privilege as IT Manager to figure out what to do with all the company's old equipment. It all sat around in boxes until I offered to sell it for him. The profits will mostly go back into the company but I'll get a commission for doing the selling. So, today I assembled a small studio for product photography and snapped a couple of sample shots.

[Anyone want to buy a tablet pc? (I 've got 14 of 'em)]