Monday, August 28, 2006

Family Vacation

For the first time in six years our whole family of five got to go on vacation for more than just a weekend (and our friend Michele got to come, also). We just got back last night from half a week of kayaking in the San Juan islands and boy was it fun.

[Dad, Michele, brother Jeffrey, me, Mom, and sister Elizabeth]

[Taking it easy] (photo by dad)

[Racoon footprints on the tablecloth in the morning] (photo by dad)

[Layers of sand on a bluff by the ocean]

[A quiet sunset]

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cascades Camp visit

A couple weekends ago I got to visit some good friends from CBC (Covenant Bible College). A couple are working at Cascades Camp down in Yelm and I popped down for a visit and took my time driving back north. Here's the progression visually:

[Painting a house with nice colors means I take nice colors home with me]

[Me, David, and Lee at camp]

[I visited my grandparents in Tacoma and Papa gave me some of his rad old cameras and equipment! (On the right is one of the first ever 35mm film cameras with a flash-bulb attachment)]

[Chuckanut drive at sunset is gorgeous. No Joke.]

p.s. The podcast has topped 1000 subscribers and my sister Elizabeth now reads the book aloud with me.