Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Now Podcasting...

This may be a new thing for some of you, but podcasting is basically when one person makes an audio recording, puts it on the internet, and other people can listen to it when they want.

The recording could be a like a radio show or news or educational stuff or interviews... it could even be Joe Shmo talking about his cat's indigestion. The point is, it's audio. Good or bad, just audio.

I have started my own podcast with the idea of reading a book aloud. The book is called The Giver and it's by Lois Lowry. If you're interested in hearing some, read on...

My podcast is available at this website, here, and there are a few ways to listen.

One episode at a time: (free)
You can select an episode and click play to stream the audio (meaning: play it immediately) or select an episode, right click "download music file", and choose the option that says "save link as" (in Firefox) or "save target as" (in Internet Explorer).

Subscription: (free)
If you have iTunes it's the easiest. Click the iTunes button on the podcast site. That will "subscribe" you to the podcast and automatically download new episodes when they're available. Check in iTunes to find the new episodes under the "Podcasts" section.

WARNING: complicated info follows (you won't hurt my feelings if you ignore it)
If feeling particularly techy and not happy with iTunes, try subscribing to the podcast rss feed (rss stands for "really simple syndication") through another free program like Juice.

And in the interest of educating the world about rss, my favorite rss reader is by google, found here. This is better suited for subscribing to blogs (text), not podcasts (audio) but give it a try. Subscribe to this blog! Then by checking the single webpage (the reader) you see all new postings on any blogs in your subscription list. That saves you the time of surfing to all those separate websites.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Visiting MN

Well friends, it has been an exciting week for me. I made a little unexpected money and needed something special to spend it on (who wants to pay off loans with "special" money? Not me.) so I called my friend Rachel in Minnesota and told her that I wanted to come visit. I bought a ticket and two days later was in the air.

And what a fun weekend it was. Three full days of visiting, sharing, and a little cleaning.

And it was a timely visit. Her parents left today for Cameroon. She leaves for the same place on August 3rd and won't be back for a year. More about that on her blog.

And now I'm back home to painting houses and running sound for weddings.

[Rachel and her brother Carl]

[Hanging out at a park]

[Around town]

[Inside the Seattle-Tacoma airport (Full size image for use as a desktop backround)]