Sunday, June 25, 2006


"Who came up with the term "blog" anyway? It's like a mix between blah and, uh, fog." -Michelle Scott (my friend)

This one's for Rob.

I need to clarify some things so that Rob doesn't feel so bad..
Most of my big projects are no more than halfway finished and a few haven't even started.

Some examples:
~I chose to not sell my computer and to not buy a new one. I did some research and found that my computer isn't worth much and the one I wanted is way too expensive.
~The sailboat is halfway painted and totally stalled. I don't have the right tools yet and I was too cheap to buy them when I had the chance.
~Recording love songs never happened because of scheduling issues.
~Painting my room is indefinitely delayed because I want the room clean first. To me that means sort, organize, and scrub. I'm still on the first two (though I did vacuum under my bed.)
Michele and Emily helped me part with my middle school homework that was filed so nicely in my huge filing cabinet. That was a huge start. But it'll be a couple months before I'm even ready to pick a paint color.
~There are four road bikes in our garage. I bought one of those for $100 and then found that the frame is too dangerous to use. It could snap if I tried. So I've cannibalized that one for parts and the other bikes are feeling very good about it. But each time I finish one thing I think of two more to do.

My one thing that's finished:
~My computer is now downstairs and I've found it very inconvenient for digitizing my notes and for writing email. It is, however, much better for recording music. that's really gonna happen :-P

Lots of ideas, a little motivation, and mostly mediocre results.
I hope this makes you feel better, Rob.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sound Teching

I was sound tech for another wedding, tonight, and it was certainly fun. The usual two wireless microphones, one guy playing guitar and singing, and a little extra fun setting up a projected slideshow in the multipurpose room for a slideshow at the reception. I got to try new things like a new technique for recording the ceremony to mp3 and did some emergency adjustments to the compressor (*huge* difference in intelligibility).

[Tonight's wedding (and my mp3 recorder)]

The new project idea is to sell my pc computer. And buy a mac.
..I'm not changing my allegiance. I never had one. I'm just curious about how macs work.

And the big reason is: Intel.
One day, in a few short months, pc computers will be released that are insanely better than they are today. And that means my fancy computer is going to be insanely not worth as much. So if I sell it now, I can get good money for it.

And that insane day has already arrived for macs. (Have you heard? 5x faster than ever before!!) And that means that the old macs are not worth as much. And hordes of people are giving their old macs away on eBay.

So: sell high, buy low.
Now is the time.