Thursday, May 25, 2006

One job. Many projects.

Hillcrest has finally made their decision and I did NOT get the job, there. As it turns out, they didn't hire anyone for the job because the old volunteer offered to take it up again (this time with a partner.) So, there's this gaping hole in my summer schedule and the vacuum is attracting all kinds of stuff:
~recording love song oldies with mandolin and guitar for Elizabeth's play.
~painting the sailboat (preparing to sell it)
~time with friends (Michele and Emily are home. Andrew was in town for the day.)

There's a long list of projects in the cue and another list of "wouldn't it be nice if.." things.

Tomorrow I print a small batch of DTS pictures. I'm excited to see them on paper.

[My friend Emily at her college graduation weekend before last]

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Projects and plans

Painting has got me thinking. It's so straight-forward now that I know the tools I need, how to use them, and how to clean up. It makes me feel enabled. It makes me want to paint my own places.

I'm dreaming of a whole new wave of projects. and one of them is painting/redecorating my room. I planned it out last year but it's been on the back burner for a while. Now I've got new inspiration for it but again, but it'll still have to be prioritized among the rest of the potential projects.

Another of the projects is moving my computer downstairs. There's two good reasons for this: 1) It's a distraction in my room. 2) It's a better location for a recording studio.

...which would be project number three.

A thought about working efficiently:
Scarcity of tools makes me use them more efficiently. If it's only sometimes available, then I'll make better use of it.
Moving my computer away from me is my application of this one.

Job app update:
~I interviewed for the third and final time at Hillcrest last Monday and should hear from them "soon".
~There's some more staffing big changes happening, so it'll be an interesting situation if I am offered the job.

And another surprisingly good picture for use as a desktop background:

Taken more than a mile and a half high in the Venezuelan Andes. But it's just moss :-)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Old video

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This clip was recorded by Karl while our team was on outreach in eastern Venezuela. It was late at night after an evening concert and shows the flavor of our team's personality. Every team member makes an appearance.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Painting and waiting

After four days working, painting with Nathaniel is fun. So far we've climbed a lot of ladders, pressure-washed a couple houses, touched up a lot of trims, and gotten a good dose of chit-chat. Today we talked about how to design energy-efficient and light-maintenance houses, he shared his long-term dreams for the company and his family, and I shared about the benefits and limitations of digital photography. It's been a while since I've talked so much with anyone beyond talking about schedules and getting stuff done. It's a good blend of relaxed conversation and communicating very specific information (ex: "We'll set the bullhorns of the ladder down on the horizontal white trim piece above the green box in the middle but under that top window. That way I can reach both the fascia and the gable with one ladderset.") I'm still learning all the vocabulary for each board on the exterior of a house.

I'm getting faster at moving the ladders and at both painting straight lines and covering lots of surface area. And I've almost figured out where all the equipment belongs in the van.

Next week looks like rain, so I may not work at all. It'll be a good time to get lots done at home.

On the Hillcrest front, I spoke with Sean last Sunday and he said that they'd like another interview. This time with the interim head pastor. He was going to call me when they had a time and I still haven't heard from him. I left a message for him this morning.

I'm going to ask dad if I can take his camera to work. The perspective a painter has on the world from three stories up is pretty cool.