Thursday, March 30, 2006


Applying the DTS knowhow? Check.
Applying for University next fall? Check.
Applying for summer work? Check.

All of those are in process these days here in Bellingham. I'll be finishing the last of my application to Western Washington University today and I have leads for working either construction in town or in a warehouse down south in Everett. Possibilities with an RV lot, maybe Alaska, and if worst comes to worse I could arrange enough work to fill two summers with yards, janitorial, odd jobs, and maybe some blueberry harvesting.

In short, I won't ever be bored this summer.

Cleaning house: I've been hard at work reordering things in my room. Having too much stuff is a wierd problem after two months of travel with all my things fitting inside of a djembé drum. Very pleased with how it's been coming out.

I'm off to go run with my mom, now.

[My old shoes. Finally thrown out.]

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

DTS Photos

Here's something for those of you with faster internet connections: a ramdomized photo slideshow of my DTS pictures on Flickr.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


At long last I'm at home with my family again. Slow days, busy evenings... it's been good to reconnect with people.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mérida debriefing

I'm back in Mérida doing the best week of debriefing that I could have imagined. As the school draws to a close we're taking time to write our reflections, share our experiences, and pray together as a school. I've really been enjoying the time to reflect. Beyond that, I use most of my free time processing the photos I've taken, backing them up on a seperate hard drive, and sorting through to make a slide show for our final concert.

We have a graduation dinner tonight at a nice restaurant and tomorrow night is our Final Concert. The concert will be in a huge local church and everyone who has goten to know us through these last six months has been specially invited. Both he Argenina and Jamaica oureach teams will play and we'll pass out some diplomas and all that jazz. And with that, the official school ends and I fly out of town Saturday morning to arrive home late Sunday night.

See you soon!!

[My Argentina oureach team]

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Puerto Ordas

The lights went out (quite literally) on my last entry so I´m glad to have another chance to write y'all today. Oop, but I´m out of time!

Brief briefing:
Our 10 days in Puerto La Cruz went well. We helped lead an evangelism conference and shared some good times with the church that we were with. And we got to take some time for scheduled fun and played tourist a little by boating in the offshore islands. Reminded me a lot of home, really.

Now we´ve traveled 5 hours south from the Carribean coast to the inland rver port of Puerto Ordas where we'll have one week of concerts in plazas, play a couple church services at the biggest, most legalistic church I´ve ever seen. (The word "evangelical" stirs up thoughts of just this kind of church in Venezuela. So, we don´t say we're an Evangelical group)

And finally, a picture! (taken while my little 3yr old friend Rafael Andrés played with my camera.)