Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mini Outreach

I couldn't decide which to post, so here's a handful of photos from the past few days.

[The two families we spent our time with. Pastor Mario in center with grey shirt.]

We were in a small town outside of Mérida encouraging the Pastor of a house church and had a great time doing it.

What's next is a series of concerts over the next three days including our two music teams and all of us together as a gospel choir.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Day of rest

I have had the most restful day of the whole DTS today. After a slow morning, Almut and I went down to the church to clean it (that's our work duty) and after we had finished there, she went into town with some other students and I stayed at the shiny-clean church all afternoon and played music to my heart's content.
...guitar, piano, drums, listened to music, disassembled an amplified, tuned the floor tom... it was marvelous.

And this is what we did this past week. Writing worship songs in small groups and then recording them. The recordings are very much in the rough draft stage and our song, itself, is still only a draft. But it was a good learning experience.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Decisions made!

The big news has arrived! ...I am now officially on the team bound for Argentina in January. The big changes that this makes are that we now have new motivation, we can now start to brainstorm and plan how we will prepare to reach the people of Argentina, and we will be rehearsing music separately from the Jamaica team.

One thing that has confused me until recently is that we have three separate outreaches...

~Outreach #1 begins later this month and lasts for one week. This will be in some yet-to-be-determined place in Venezuela, near where we are living.

~Outreach #2 begins in January and lasts for one month. This will be in Argentina and we will set up our HQ at the YWAM base in Mendoza. From there, we will minister to the city of Mendoza through music on the streets, in churches, and in concert settings. Other ideas up our sleeves are to learn to juggle (like the street performers that are so common), make balloon animals, write and perform dramas, choreograph dances (ones that aren't hokey), and there's a slew of neat ideas for how to work lyric projection.

~Outreach #3 immediately follows outreach #2. It follows so closely, in fact, that we will not return to our home here in Merida between the two. However, this outreach is in Venezuela. We will fly from Argentina to the Venezuelan capital of Caracas and from there we will travel east along the coast toward the Origonoco river. (I'm really excited about this.) This outreach will also last from one month, finishing in mid March and leaving only one week for debriefing with the Jamaica team back in Merida.

So that means one week in Venezuela this month, Jan to Feb in Argentina, Feb to March in eastern Venezuela, and one week of debriefing before heading home to the US.

The biggest and best

Last weekend I rode on the longest and highest cable car in the world. It departs from the other side of town, here in Merida, and climbs up to 15,600+ feet over a length of 7.7 miles. Many more photos on Flickr.